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Research & Development

Emphasys R&D is a key part of the company. Vibrant and active!

So far, the company achieved over 80 registrations of patents in different countries worldwide.


Our team covers full product development from concept, 3D, stereotype, mold, engineering, production, and automation needs, to ensure a robust production.

“Our company is constantly looking for market gaps and product improvement opportunities which are key to assure marketability and future product demand. We often consider different degrees of customisation to allow our customers a better position when launching a new product in the market carrying one of our devices. Development of long-term close relationships is key for growing with existing customer base. Emphasys operations was born in 2006, but our relation with some of our regional customers have over 20 years. As we all know, innovation is becoming more and more difficult with pharmaceutical ingredients, therefore packaging and devices are a way to offer differentiation for medical promotion, or even for the end user”.

Company CEO.

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