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In the field of dispensing systems for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care, Emphasys offers a line of proprietary capsule dispensers in different sizes, refillable airless dosing system for semi-solid facial formulations and dispensers designed to deliver liquid formulations for the scalp related treatments.

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Refillable Airless Cream Dispenser

  • Hybrid patented refillable hermetic dosing system

  • Protective sealing nozzle

  • Reduced product contamination during use

  • Controlled dosage and minimum residual volume

  • Allows design customization

  • Reusable and refillable

WolperPot Cream Dispenser
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Capsule Dispenser

  • Patented Multidose capsule dispenser

  • Tamper evident

  • Delivers one capsule at the time

  • Protects the capsules inside from hand contact

  • Reduced contamination during use

  • Easy to fill in production line

  • Suitable for different capsule sizes

  • Option to incorporate desiccant

  • Recyclable

Capsule Dispenser

Dispenser for topic use

  • Integrated Open-Close System

  • Easy to handle and use

  • Controlled dropping system by pressure

  • Delivers drops from liquid formulations

  • Suitable for topic treatment to the scalp (hair bulbs / dermatitis)

  • Other fields of applications: Veterinary

Dispenser for topic use
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