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Innovative Application Systems for Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care

Emphasys Innovatec design and engineering expertise allows development of novel products on the field of medical devices and dispensing systems for pharmaceuticals and personal care. An innovative pipeline is in constant development, creating means for new patents which are key for the company future growth. Among those, medical devices that allow being re-used for longer periods of time and personal care devices that offer less environmental impact are among our initiatives.

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Company history

In 1998 Emphasys shareholders started their companies in the field of injection-molding and sales of pharmaceutical devices and personal care. In 2004 a venture company was founded with objective of using existing know how for development of innovative delivery systems.

In 2005 the first shelf developed medical device came to the market successfully.

The experience of the R&D team allowed the company to generate new patents and develop cost-effective delivery systems, opening new market opportunities in the medical field.


With the growth of the company, in 2008 a new production facility was acquired to enable expansion complying with ANVISA good practices for manufacturing of medical devices.

During 2013 the first export market became effective with registration granted abroad. This was the first step for the company trend towards international markets, that continues to grow until present days.

In the first half of 2017 a second plant increase started for expansion of production facilities according with GMP manufacturing flow and clean-room production for supplying regional markets and growing needs regarding EMEA and FDA compliance.
From 2019 on the company continue to grow, develop products and new patents. Regulatory affairs engaged with comply of higher standards for upgrading the company range of medical devices from existing Class I to near future Class IIa.


Medical and personal care
device development

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